About us

The Dance-Wardrobe store is a new type of online retail shop which is built upon five values: Determined, Athletic, Nurture, Confident, and Entertainment.
We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who believe that these values will allow us to inspire people just like you to be themselves and share their creativity so that we can promote admiration for all the dancers out there who are the dreams creators.

 D ETERMINED: We believe that a determined mind and a strong will bear endless possibilities
A THLETIC: The sky is the limit. We are capable of amazing things.
N URTURE: We nurture the dreams that inspire us to go beyond our limits.
C ONFIDENT: We rock and own who we are.
E NTERTAINMENT: We bring joy and delight to people of all ages everywhere.

So, we create   great designs and sell popular items  we see on social media to allow you to express yourself in a unique way and show your passion and love of dance to everybody rather it is with your family and friends.

Then we put our network of worldwide distributors and manufacturers at your service to deliver the best quality items right to your doorstep with a "30 Day Money Back Guarantee".

In the end, we’re pleased to share our love of dance with you by offering you a great online shopping experience, everywhere!We hope that you enjoy our online store and please let us know if you have questions and suggestions at : Info@dance-wardrobe.com!